Monday, February 8, 2010

Restaurant Week Lunching at Matsugen, Tribeca.

It is great to have foodies around you 'cause they always have nice places to go to, just like my lovely foodie sister, Sam, and our friend, Grim. Finding places to eat is their mission.

Grim suggested that we should get together for lunch at Matsugen, the Soba place in Tribeca. They were offering a Restaurant Week Menu for $24.

Huy and Grim, the graphic designers merge the foodies.

Grim says that she always wanted to go to this place and this is a chance to try the foods there without breaking our wallets.

set of appetizer.
Crispy Shrimp, Spinach Gomae
Yuba Sashimi, Uni with Yuzu Gelee

They're all tasty. I love them all and the spoon too.

Vanilla caramel pudding.

This one too, delicious, even though I'm not a sweet person, I love it, and again that silver spoon, I so want one.

I chose Chicken Nanban ( Soba in a soup) for my main. The broth is rich, not as blend as I expect when it comes to Japanese food, and again, the spoon.

Every time I eat out, the food is one thing, the interior decoration is another that always gets my attention.

Here at Matsugen, the place has a contemporary, sleek decor with beautiful lighting and the streamlined set up plus gorgeous tableware, which I love the most.....impressed.

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