Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Green Wrap and Thai Desserts

There is one thing (out of a lot of things) I wanted to put in my blog about Thai food as soon as I have a chance to get my hands on it, which is Thai desserts in leaves wrapping, to me it is a very genius way of packing the food.

Kanoom Hua Lan wrapped with banana leaves, belted with coconut leaf, secured with coconut leaf' s vein (a wooden-like, thin, long strip), which is cut into short brochettes to secure the wrap.

Thais use Palm leaves, coconut leaves, Banana leaves, the most common used for food wrapping in Thai cuisine, which I think it is a cool way to use what the nature has given to us.

Kanoom Jaak wrapped in two coconut leaves, which are weaving the leaves into each other, and secured with their vein brochettes.

And in the same way, you are giving nice and clean trash back to the nature without destroy the good benefits of the earth....win win for us and for the earth, and they look pretty, too.

Kanoom Krooy wrapped in banana leaves.

Kanoom Tom wrapped in palm leaves.

with coconut milk sticky rice and black beans inside, yum!

yellow sticky rice with sweet shrimp coconut on top, also wrapped in banana leaf.

These are some of the desserts my mom put on the table for us to have them with coffee each morning when we were there......Love!

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