Monday, February 1, 2010

Buffet in a Trend, Charcoal Grill.

Moo Gra Ta( moo=pork, gra ta= pan)

For the pass three years I've been reading about the new trend of eating in Thailand - there is one trend that is quite popular for a period of time which is a Buffet Eating or like the....All You Can in the state. You just get in there, pay for a mount of each person, and off you go - dig in as much as you can eat.

Moo Kra Ta is one of a big hit in this type of category. There is no reason that I was gonna miss it when I was in Thailand, so my sister and niece, Fon and Bai-Fern, took us to the place close to her house where Fon said that it is Bai-Fern's favorite place, she can almost eat here every day, I can see why.

The grilling pan comes with soup ready to be working on.

It is an open space kind of restaurant, which is appropriate for grilling. The restaurant prepares all the meats, seafood and vegetable for you, all you do is to dig in what ever you want, bring to the table and get you hands on over the charcoal grilling.

They also have already cooked food as an appetizer. I can see why it's such a favorite for my niece, which is in her teens, she eats a lot and she can only choose what she wants. I found it is enjoyable if you are an eater.

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