Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First Attempt, Roll Cake

Well, it's actually not the really first time for me to make this cake. I learned to make roll cake when I was 13 at school, cooking was part of the curriculum, and promised to myself I'll never make it again.

At 13, I found myself enjoy running around town with my bike rather than trying to roll a sheet of cake. Also the teacher wasn't that my favorite one - I just didn't understand how one can look and act cranky all the times. So the roll cake I made with a group of friends at that time wasn't that pretty.

Now that I enjoy cooking and baking (and still love biking ), and have been baking for quite sometimes, but not one of roll cake still.

If I wanted to have roll cakes, I'd run to Japanese bakery nearby and buy the soft cotton Japanese style roll cake. Never attempt to try.

A day before Valentine's, I wanted to bake something for my hubby - he did mention pies, but I didn't hear it, maybe *0* I always bake pies for him, so this time I wanted to bake something I never bake before, and roll cake just POP into my mind.....It's time baby!

I went to Martha's site and choose one recipe to try on. The cake was almond cake, spread with raspberry jam, and a thick layer of whipped cream.

We both are not big fans of sweet, so we love these combination of sweet raspberry jam and thick layer of plain whipped heavy cream.

The plain whipped cream helps tone down the very sweet jam. For us, they complement each other very well.

As for the cake, I might have baked it too long, the cake came out a bit dry, and that's why it has to be a second attempt for me.

And yes!...a lot of practicing on rolling as you can see.

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