Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What's with the soy milk?

We got hit with lots of snow, and the weather outside is brutally cold. In this kind of weather, for me, there is nothing better than having a bowl of hot soy milk with all kind of side-dishes.

It is such a comfort treat in a very cold day. So I decided to make a big pot to fight off this dreadful weather.

As I'd mentioned, soy milk is not only considered as a drink, it is also a dessert-drink in some Asian countries.

In Thailand, we love to put some soy milk side-dishes, such as pearl tapioca, boiled Job's tears seeds, gourd candy, bean curd, jelly in hot soy milk and eat it as dessert. Some people even love to put a soft-boil egg in it as well.

See how I make soy milk here.

This time I added just a few side-dishes - only things I could easily grab from Asian market like black sesame seeds, pearl tapioca , Job's tears seeds, which is good enough for me to enjoy a bowl of hot soy milk before bed.

Boiled pearl tapioca

Boiled Job's tears seeds (some mistaken as Asian Barley)

ground toasted black sesame seed.

My husband cried for gourd candy, so I told him, " buy me plane tickets, and you will have gourd candy to eat with soy milk."

My favorite of all to put in the bowl is toasted ground sesame seeds. It gives the milk an extra nutty smell, and add more nutrient into the milk.

Now, go ahead, hit me more, Mr. snow storm. I'm ready to be stuck in the house with my hot soy milk as you are blowing your head off the roof, and I'll be fine with that.

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