Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beef Noodle, Gui Teaw Neur

When I want some fast noodle as a lunch, I'll go to Chinatown. But, when it comes to a real treat noodle, I'll make it myself. When I say "real treat" I mean the taste that I am familiar with, the taste from home, just like this delicious Thai beef noodle.

In New York, if you want to find the real Thai noodle, you have to go to Queens. There are many Thai restaurants that make very good noodle. In Manhattan, there is the one I recommend, located at downtown on Fulton st. between Gold st. & William St. The restaurant name is the Bennie's Thai Cafe. They make a very delicious beef needle called Gui Teaw Num Tok or Waterfall Noodle, cute:)
dried rice noodle

Make this noodle when you have the whole day for cooking. It takes at least three hours to slowly cook the soup until beefs get very tender and soft, almost melt in your mouth. But, it's all worth it.
Chinese celery

What vegetable to buy?
- Chinese Celery
- Cilantro (with the roots intact)
- Green Onion
- Green-leaf Lettuce, here I used water spinach

Condiment for the soup
- 3 star anises
- 2 cinnamon sticks
- 1 root of galangal, slice

Star anises, Cinnamon Sticks

Herbal Paste

- 5 cilantro roots
- 5 cloves of garlic
- 10 black or white pepper

- Soy sauce
- 1 small piece of sugar candy (optional)
- salt

Beef : I use chunk beef stew meat

Note : There is no specific measurement for these one. I made a big pot that would last us for almost a week. The best way is to taste it as you go, so you can make the right portion for yourself.

Making the soup

1. Make the Herbal Paste
2. Put all the meat into a pot, cover them up with water and put on high heat.
3. In goes, condiments and herbal paste to the pot.
4. As the meat start to get hot they will release the oil to the surface, gradually skim those foamy oil out.
5. Reduce the heat to medium and start the seasoning, start with three table spoon of soy sauce, and a pinch of salt, later you can taste and adjust the taste as you like it.
6. After the seasoning, reduce the heat to low, cover the pot with a lid and let them stew until the beef get very soft and tender.


water spinach

There are quite a lot of things to prepare when it comes to serving noodle.

1. Cut coarsely fresh cilantro, green Onion, Chinese Celery, water spinach or green-leaf lettuce.
2. Boil dried rice noodle (just like boiling pasta).
3. Put soften noodle in a serving bowl, in goes, fresh cilantro, green onion, Chinese celery and green-leaf lettuce or water spinach.
4. Ladle beef and soup in the bowl, top with garlic oil and serve.

Again, you can adjust the taste of your noodle before eating by seasoning them with sugar, white vinegar and fish sauce...oh...also a bit of chili powder is Delicious!!!

I also love to have some extra beef balls to go with this noodle. It is a real treat for me.


Pimporn said...

เชิญหม่ำให้อร่อยกันไปสองคนนะจ๊ะ ดิชั้นคงจะไม่ทำหรอกเมนูนี้ กว่าจะได้หม่ำพอดีเหนื่อย


Alex said...

Yummy! Pui. I made this beef ball noodle soup all the time but it was a much simple version. Maybe it's time to kick up a knotch. Where can I find fresh galangal in NYC?

pui, ปุย said...

Hi Alex,

These is Thai grocery story on Mosco street called Bangkok Center Grocery. They have fresh galangal, or you can call them up before you go, ask if they are available that day.
here the address

Or another Asian grocery on Mullbery street named Asia Market Corporation. They have all kind of South East Asian ingredients, but i'm not sure if they have the fresh one. They always have the frozen.

71 1/2 Mulberry St. btw Bayard St.& Canal St.
New York, NY 10013
Get Directions
(212) 962-2020

Yep!...I love this noodle and always make a big pot. Try some, hope you like it too :)

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