Sunday, May 24, 2009

Salty Fired Chicken

Gai Tod Nam Pla

Rumor has it that every thing tastes good when it is fried. I agree. In my kitchen, this dish is one good example of it. As I mentioned before about a variety of dishes Thai people have on their table for each meal. One of them is fried dishes. Fried dishes help to balancing the strong and spicy dishes, such as all kind of curries and Yum (Thai salad)

When it comes to fried foods, there are a few ingredients using to marinate the food, and also the simplest ingredient, which makes the meat or fish tasty without the complicated in any ways as well - just marinate meat, fish or other food with fish sauce or soy sauce or rub it with salt, let it sit for 10 minutes and fry with hot oil. It's really that simple.

See how easy it is to make it
Here, I use boneless chicken thigh since they are thick and make it not too dry when fried, but, when I was at home with mom, we will always have free-ranch salty chicken, the whole chicken - with bone, which I will never trade them with anything else. If you can find free-ranch chicken, go for it. Cut up the whole chicken with bone in. It is DELICIOUS.

- cut up all chicken thighs into medium chunks.
- marinate them with 1 tbsp. fish sauce for 10 minutes.
- heat up the oil and fry marinated chicken with medium heat.
- fry until golden, rest them on cookie rack.
- serve. If you have Thai sweet chicken dipping sauce, pour it into dipping bowl and serve along.

Also try these salty fried chicken with plain, steamed, sticky rice. My seventh heaven is right there.

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